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“There are two times in a person’s life when there is the possibility of pure happiness: in youth and in summer.”
― Brielle A. Marino

In the summer it is possible to be what we want. Every time we breathe the sea air, we start our youth anew.

The sea is freedom and adventure, magic and charm, an endless celebration of life, just like the place we want to take you – Za Zú Lounge & Restaurant.

Summer is at home here.

Spirit of Za Zú 

Za Zú Lounge & Restaurant carries the spirit of the French Riviera.

We used only natural materials and supplemented with exotic plant species to create a unique sense of balance with the environment.

In the refined atmosphere, touched by the waves of the sea, you will feel the desire for pleasure and the feeling of freedom.


Here beauty is everywhere and freedom can be tasted. Our culinary philosophy is dedicated to everyone who enjoys life.

You will find the magic of the sea in our menu. Your senses will long remember the elegance you will find in every plate, and our wine list will take you on a journey from French Provence to the vast Australia.

Lounge zone

Our lounge area is the place where you can relax and feel the sound of the sea and music of the best DJs.
Our bartenders are real wizards who will prepare every classic cocktail you know or create one that exists only in your imagination.

Za Zú Lounge & Restaurant gives you the opportunity to be who you want to be.

We can’t close the summer in a bottle, but we can give you a place that you will carry in your memories for a long time.

Every moment at Za Zú Lounge & Restaurant is L’Àrt De Vivre.

Opening 2023

Counting down the days for a summer full of “L’art de vivre”…

Za Zú will welcome you in a premium world reserved for you. A true heaven of joy & relaxation!


Contact us: 

+359 888 004 488

Opening 2023

Za Zú will welcome you in a premium world reserved for you. A true heaven of joy & relaxation!