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About Us

Summer is an opportunity to be what we want to be. Every time we breathe the sea air, we start our youth anew. The sea is freedom and adventure, magic and charm, an endless celebration of life, just like the place we want to take you to – Za Zú Lounge & Restaurant.

Za Zú Lounge & Restaurant carries the spirit of the French Riviera. We approached the world around us with respect. We chose symbiosis with nature, using only natural materials and complementing with exotic plant species to create a unique sense of balance with the environment.

Imagine a spacious beach, summer breeze and blue sea,comfortable sunbeds, beautiful tents, specially selected music, cocktails, fine food and lots of smiles- this is Za Zú Lounge & Restaurant. Summer is at home here. 

For us, beauty is an art – it is our way of expressing ourselves. Thus was born a unique luxury that complements the natural beauty of the beach. In the refined atmosphere, touched by the waves of the sea, you will feel the desire for pleasure and the feeling of freedom.


Cacao beach, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

+359 888 004 488

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